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I would love to share with you this beautiful downloadable Winter Herbal Recipe Guide. Included is:

An introduction to Slow Medicine
What to stock in your Herbal Kitchen
Five recipes (both for food and medicine)
Ways to incorporate slow living into your winter
A downloadable template for keeping track of your medicine making

Working one on one is cultivating an amazing partnership.

Within this space we go on a journey together.

This is beyond recommending this herb for that issue.

This is beyond telling you to eat healthy fats.

This is fully immersive journey.

Personal Mentoring: $1500
Holistic Business Mentoring: $3000


Are you dreaming of…

  • Working WITH nature rather than exploiting it? 
  • Confidently know which herbs to choose?
  • Feeling empowered to blend herbs with allopathic treatment protocols?
  • Making your own plant medicine? 
  • Learning how to create nourishing meals that are in tune with the seasons?
  • Learning how live in communion with the world around you?
  • Sustainably forage and wild harvest medicine and edible plants?

We have a variety of courses and workshops that start you on the path of becoming your family’s herbalist.

Are you a newly certified holistic entrepreneur that has a million ideas about what kind of business they want to run, but are struggling getting your message out there?

Maybe you’ve been hustling away at this for a while, but want to expand your offerings to online courses, coaching, or a web shop.

Or perhaps you know exactly what you want to do, but don’t have the time to spend hours on learning the tech of all the different websites, software, and programs that you ‘need’ to run your business. 

Then you have come to the right place. Earth Wise Entrepreneur Academy is here to show you exactly how to use online spaces to grow your customer base, to teach your courses, and to provide 1:1 consultations. AS WELL as how to price products and services, and how to work in a local venue if online really isn’t where your business lies.

Starting at $70

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