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As we head into the dark half of the year, there may be some health issues that are beginning to be more noticed.

I am offering for a limited time, 1 time consultations for the month of November so we begin to dive into the root of your issues and allow you the space to unpack them.

We work simply and holistically, by examining all aspects of your life to pull out what is working from what isn’t.

We then, together, devise a comprehensive plan for you to follow with your level of comfort. We aren’t here to give you an entirely new lifestyle, but the tools for you to slowly work on changes as you can.

You will receive a comprehensive plan that will include but not be limited to:

  • herb and supplement suggestions,
  • any lab work to speak to your medical provider about,
  • any dietary suggestions,
  • variety of complementary lifestyle suggestions such as increasing movement,
  • any other protocols that may come up during our time together.

During our 60-90 minute session we will cover any relevant health, nutrition, lifestyle, and environment history, discuss goals and what you feel you are able to accomplish.

You will receive:

  • recorded copy of our video session,
  • 2 follow up emails,
  • 25% off customized herbal formulas,
  • journaling prompts,
  • customized meal plan.

Making changes and examining yourself can be overwhelming-especially when you are trying to do it on your own. And reaching out can be just as daunting-just know that our consultations are a safe place with zero judgement.

Schedule your appointment today-or send me an email if you need to chat a bit before committing at angelina@wildearthherbals.com

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