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Manifesting Abundance & Pleasure in Your Business & Life The Microbusiness's Guide to the Galaxy

The Microbusiness's Guide to the Galaxy is a podcast for holistic entrepreneurs. Where we discover how to start or run our dream businesses with zero to little money and how to not burn out in the process. In the Intro: I talk a bit about how to start your business without no capital by using free resources that you are probably already using in your personal life. I also discuss an online course that I will be creating that will easily outline every step you need to take to get your business started! In this episode: I talk with my dear friend, Dana Wendel. Dana Wendel is an Alignment Mentor for Healers and Creatives, helping them to fully Embody their purpose, and step into their Next-Level Self. She is a trauma-informed, Pleasure Coach, Certified Yoga Instructor and Reiki practitioner. She is a powerful Intuitive healer, that uses Mindset work and Energy Clearing, to allow her clients, and students, to receive more Pleasure and Abundance, into their lives. Dana offers 1:1 support and healing to clients for a minimum of 3 months. She has an online course called Feminine Flow, where she teaches Womb Work and moving through money blocks, to help women manifest their dream life and call in their desires with ease. Go check out her Linktree for a FREE Full Body Relaxation Meditation. There you will also find her online courses, and her Podcast the Sacred Inner Slut.  https://linktr.ee/sagehealing Main points that we discuss: Dana's personal journey from poverty and lack mentality to living a life full of abundance, What exactly is abundance and how to shift your mindset, How to not victim blame and spiritually bypass folks whose lives are impacted by social constructs such as poverty, homelessness, misogyny, capitalism, systemic racism, and our fucked up society in general-and how those of us who are NOT impacted by these external forces can use our privilege to enact change, Boundaries in our business, What is pleasure? I tell a story about my eldest child and how she was able to use the law of attraction as a young child without even realizing it, Dana's signature course: Feminine Flow (psst~if you are a Patreon member, you get a discount on this!) Masculine & Feminine energy, how to find balance and integrate the two, Avoiding guilt associated with self love and care, Dana's New Moon mini-courses Important Links: Dana's Instagram (best place to find her) Online Courses Wild Earth Herbals The Herb Garden community group Wild Earth Herbals Patreon (podcast bonuses) Opening and closing music by Ashlynn Hassel
  1. Manifesting Abundance & Pleasure in Your Business & Life
  2. Creativity, Action, and the Balance Between the Two
  3. Aligning Your Business with the Cycles of the Moon with Kady Romagnuolo
  4. Introduction & Monthly Energy Reading

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