This has been an amazing year of change and growth! After a slight adventure last winter in the Midwest, we returned home to the south to put down roots.

There is definitely a magic to this area. Ancient and deep. Magnetic. We seem to be in the sweet spot of South Carolina~not too far north to hit the red clay, but not too close to the coast to have all the sand in the soil. Nature flourishes in the heat and remains steadfast in our mild winters.

Getting a bit real for a moment~I jumped into pulling Wild Earth Herbals out of a part time hobby job into a full blow sustainable business by the skin of my teeth. It was a do it now or it will never come to be moment. So, I took the plunge. With a paltry amount of savings (I think I had 1 month’s rent banked) I decided that I would not get a ‘real job’ and focus all my energy in creating this amazing business. And I really hate calling it a business. Because it’s a way of life. And I want it to become a way of life for my community. To be able to create your own plant medicine-to go into your backyard and make a meal out of ‘weeds’ is such an empowering feat. I want to share it with the world!

My goal for 2017 was to be able to sustain my little family on the sales of my products. And I have done that for the past 8 months. Sometimes just barely-but the rent was always paid, and we always had food on the table.

I’m challenging myself to surpass that goal. But, I’m doing it a little differently.

1-I have worked like a dog this year. Some days from 6am to midnight.

2-I took next to zero time for self care. What kind of healer am I to talk to others about nourishing their bodies when I don’t?

3-I did the bare minimum regarding making connection in the community.

Looking forward~

1-My best week this year (yes, it was a 4 figure week-I’m most proud of that!) will be the starting point for 2018. My goal is to make that my baseline and double it by midsummer solstice. I will NOT do this by working harder-but smarter.

2-I will ensure that I am nourished and cared for. I will continue to expand my heart center and build on the tribe that is forming here.

3-I will branch out into the communities surrounding me and create connection with those around me.

My intentions are to have the product sales become more self propelled and the production be handled by apprentices and eventually employees. Leaving room for me to focus more energy on classes, consultations, workshops, and sacred circles.

2017 was about breaking through the walls and removing what no longer served me: doubt, fear, toxic relationships. Heading into 2018 is birth. creation. transformation. alchemy.