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Ancestral Herbalism

When I first started working with herbs, I was very much in a different place than I am now. It was more self centered, exploitative, and very use this herb for that ailment mindset. I was simply trying to replace western medicine with herbs. I thought (like so many others) that holistic simply meant ‘natural remedies.’
Over the years and as I deepened my studies, and started spending more time WITH the plants-like in their natural habitat-not just as powders or purchased bags of cut and sifted plant material, I realized that I was bypassing the most important part. THE PLANTS. And our own history.
Herbal medicine is in our DNA. Plant medicine is the birthright of each one of us. Throughout the majority of human history, we worked in a reciprocal relationship with the land to keep our bodies in balance.
Over the last few years, I’ve been really into learning about my ancestral medicine. I’m lucky that I know my direct lineage (at least on my matrilineal side) so there wasn’t a lot of investigating to do. But, there still was. Because having to work through the layers upon layers to get to what my people practiced before modern medicine took hold was (is) hard.

Have the plants ever spoken to you?

Have you felt the whisper of waving calendula tell you which blooms are perfect for plucking? Have you ever heard a firm but gentle ‘no, not yet’ from your patch of baby Saint John’s Wort that just began to bloom?
It is a beautiful synergy and connection that we all have the ability to experience.

Communing with the plants, reconnecting with nature (because remember, we ARE nature), and building relationships with our environment is the beginning of experiencing healing. Allow the plants to speak to you.
Rekindle that primal and ancestral KNOWING that is plant medicine.

Are you interested in deepening your connection to the Earth and yourself? Then join me in The Birthright of Plant Medicine. This 6 part course begins with creating an altar and guides you through reclaiming your ancestral birthright of herbalism, ethical and safe wild crafting, a guided virtual plant walk, how to create and work with flower essences, and closing with giving offerings to the plants you work with.

After this journey you will:

  • Be EMPOWERED to honor your intuitive knowing
  • Feel the JOY of being supported by mother earth
  • Be GROUNDED and connected to the earth around you
  • Be ATTUNED to being nourished and healed by nature.

This is the first step into realizing there is a different way to experience this life-to connect deeply, remove the stresses of modernity, and return to the nature cycle of the Earth.


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