authentic: of undisputed origin; genuine.

This is a pretty big buzz-word these days in the mindfulness/wellness/intentional living crowd. Living authentically. What exactly does that mean? Being honest? Maybe. Being true to yourself? Closer. To me it is something that I have really struggled with 98% of my life. I was always such a people pleaser and wanted everyone around me to like me, that I wasn’t always ME. I didn’t express my feelings when I was upset or sad. I did things or acted a certain way to not rock the boat.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized 2 things:
1~Hiding who you are is being dishonest.
2~You aren’t responsible for other people’s feelings and their opinion of you is not your business.

Think about all the ways you are not being authentic to yourself. Whether it is towards your family and friends, your customers or employers, society at large. Changing who you are or not honoring yourself does no one any good.

This week, I started noticing that still today I am not being fully authentic. Mainly in my work. My passion is plant medicine. Wild herbs that grow around me in unadulterated states. Working with them from dirt to medicine is my truth. Not being true to myself would be using exotic plants and essential oils. NOT THAT THEY ARE BAD OR WRONG-but that they do not resonate with me on any level whatsoever. BUT. My customers and society at large are huge fans of essential oils. And with so many people and companies selling them and using them, I felt like I needed to be a source that I know people are getting SAFE products with mindful direction. But every time, I still feel like I am lying. Because I am not connected on a deeper level with them like I am my plants. Yes~I know essential oils are derived from plants. But my medicine is that the sum of its parts are greater than the whole. I don’t want to use just one specific component because all the components work synergistically with each other in perfect harmony. Recommending an essential oil product and using them in my medicine is not authentic to me. I want to make my customers and clients happy, but not at my expense.

So, once my rollers sell out, I will not be restocking them. I can refer you to amazing aromatherapists who are more connected to essential oils and hope you form great relationships with them!

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