How To CONNECT With the Ancestral Plant Medicine That Is All
Around You…and Within You .

Even If You Don’t Know Where To Begin.

When I first started working with herbs, I was very much in a different place than I am now. It was more self centered, exploitative, and very ‘use this herb for that ailment’ mindset.

I was simply trying to replace western medicine with herbs. I thought that holistic simply meant ‘natural remedies’.

Over the years and as I deepened my studies, I started spending more time WITH the plants-in their natural habitat, not just as powders or purchased bags of cut and sifted plant material. I realized that I was bypassing the most important part. THE PLANTS. And, our own history.

Herbal medicine is in our DNA. Plant medicine is the birthright of each one of us. Throughout the majority of human history, we worked in a reciprocal relationship with the land to keep our bodies in balance.

The Birthright of Plant Medicine is a course that will set you on the path of finding your own medicine. By connecting with nature and honing into your intuition (it’s there!) you can begin to explore your ancestral medicine.

What’s Included
This course contains both video and text lessons. There is also a flower essence tutorial, a video guided plant walk, and a downloadable PDF on creating your altar.

As a bonus, you will also receive access to the Beginner’s Guide to Bioregional Herbalism, a Foraging Planner, a Flower Essence Info Sheet for tracking your medicine making, and access to a private Facebook group.
  • Connecting and sharing gratitude through Altars 
  • Reclaiming your Ancestral Birthright 
  • Safe and Ethical Wildcrafting 
  • Virtual Guided Plant Walk
  • Video Flower Essence Tutorial
  • Offering to the Land
  • Beginner’s Guide to Bioregional Herbalism
  • Foraging Planner
  • Flower Essence Info Sheet
  • Private Facebook Group
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