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When I first had an idea of being an herbalist, I envisioned myself gardening, preparing herbal remedies, pot of tea always on the stove. 

And people would come by and ask for my advice. We would sit at my dining table, share some tea and soup, and I would send them home with an armload of tinctures, oils, and tea blends.

Needless to say that was not the case 😂 

So much of my time over the past 8 years has been trying to figure out how to balance what my business became with my life. And sometimes-there was no balance. I stayed up until 1-2 am bottling and labeling tinctures, I drank coffee all day and my household slowly faded into an herbal production company with a lot of work on social media trying to convince people why they needed my medicine.

When I began teaching workshops (first out of my home and then at various spaces in town) I realized that while I loved making medicine, I hated the mass production side of it.

So for years I tried to come up with ways to start weaning myself off of the fear of losing income from stopping production.

Teaching face to face classes all the time was very draining both energetically and physically. 
And I realized that I could reach so many more people by teaching online courses! 

The amount of time marketing didn’t change but the focus did. After years of trial and error and soo many mistakes as well as money spent on trainings, I learned the best practices for transitioning my business to working online in a way that doesn’t take over my life.
So I have time to enjoy my gardens, my home, my children, and my community. 

In Earth Wise Entrepreneur Academy, I will show you everything that I know about creating your business online from marketing on social media to physically building your courses. 
I also include modules on product sales, face to face operations, and how to incorporate 1:1 and group consultations. Oh! And the ✨most important ✨ module-work/life balance.

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