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    Build Your Home Apothecary

    **this post contains affiliate links. Nothing happens except I may earn a few coins if you click a link. You can learn more about that here** Having your home apothecary well stocked with herbs and tools, is a must for folks wanting to work with herbs to support their health. The last thing you need is to be in the…

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    Upgrade Your Herbal Apothecary With This ONE Remedy

    I have been talking about the benefits of herbal infused oils for a long time. And it is because of Kami McBride. Kami’s course Handcrafted Healing Herbal Oils will take you step by step in how to make affordable, high-quality, home-made, shelf-stable herbal infused oils right in your own kitchen. She has been teaching this for decades and takes you…

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    Ancestral Herbalism

    When I first started working with herbs, I was very much in a different place than I am now. It was more self centered, exploitative, and very use this herb for that ailment mindset. I was simply trying to replace western medicine with herbs. I thought (like so many others) that holistic simply meant ‘natural remedies.’⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Over the years and as…

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    Nettle & Potato Soup

    Nourishment for the soul. Ahhhh! It is finally cool outside. Cool enough to pop the furnace on for a few minutes in the morning. Cool enough to welcome my children into my bed so I can siphon off some of their body heat. Cool enough that I get to wear cardigans and boots! Cool enough that a small flush of…

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    Free Winter Wellness Workshop

    What are some reasons we tend to get sick in the winter? Staying inside with closed windows Eating higher amounts of sugar and alcohol Higher levels of stress due to financial and familial related obligations During this free workshop, we discuss the immune system and different things we can do to help support it! Winter Wellness is an online workshop…

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    Herbal Vinegars

    Herbal vinegars are one of my all time favorites. They are so versatile and you can utilize them in abundance. We manly think of vinegar as more of a culinary ingredient than medicine right? And many of the herbs we would use in herbal vinegars can cross the line between medicine and food~and that is why I love them. Using…

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    Crafting Herbal Tinctures

    A tincture is an herbal medicine where the constituents of an herb extracted into a liquid solvent. We can use alcohol, vinegar or glycerin. We will be mainly discussing alcohol as a solvent, but will include the variations further down.  We would chose to work with a tincture vs. other forms for herbal medicine for a variety of reasons:  It’s…

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    Herbal Honeys & Syrups

    When creating herbal medicines, we don’t want to neglect the sweet and delicious formulations of herbal infused honeys and syrups. **do not give honey based medicines to children under 1 year old.**While you may be drawn to the fast acting potency of herbal tinctures, or the ritual of creating a medicinal tea, herbal infused honeys and syrups are a wonderful…

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    Herbal Teas, Infusions, & Decoctions

    Welcome to week one of the herbal medicine making series! You can find the intro to this series here. Tea a hot drink made by infusing the dried, crushed leaves of the tea plant (​Camillia sinensis​) in boiling water. Only white, green, oolong, and black are true tea. All from the same plant~just different levels of oxidation and processing. the…

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    Medicine Making Series

    Do you want to learn how to create your own herbal medicines? In this series of totally free online classes, you will receive a basic understanding of ten different preparations. We will work with plants that are gentle and supportive and create potent medicines with them. What we will not do is go in too deeply about the actions of…


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