I.Love.Chickweed. Chances are, it is growing in your yard! My entire side yard is covered with it.  Anti-inflammatory, loaded with nutrition like magnesium, calcium, zinc, and iron, and even eliminates fat cells!  A chickweed poultice will reduce external swelling and inflammation. A tincture made from fresh chickweed taken daily has been known to dissolve ovarian cysts! I love to put a handful in a salad or smoothie. You can even make a tea out of it.

Think before you treat your lawn. You can find all kinds of beneficial plants gifted to you by nature. I have found that if you hang out in your yard, or among nature, your herbal allies will show themselves to you. I know, I know, that sounds hooky. But, seriously! Once I gave the lawn mower a rest, I discovered so many friends just waiting for me to utilize them! Chickweed, plantain, yellow dock, wild violets, yarrow, and cleavers are all over my yard! And I realized, the more I needed something, the more it showed itself to me.

So, if any of you need any chickweed, just let me know! I have more than enough to share.