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Featured Herb: Comfrey (Symphytum uplandica x)

Comfrey“Where comfrey grows, there live a woman wise in the way of plants.”~from Opening Our Wild Hearts to the Healing Herbs by Gail Faith Edwards.

Comfrey is one of my all time favorite plants to work with. Unfortunately, she has gotten a bad reputation of being bad for your liver. This is true and untrue. WILD comfrey (Symphytum officinale) is toxic. Cultivated comfrey (Symphytum uplandica x) which gardeners and herbalists use is not.  Comfrey has been used traditionally for centuries without incident. It’s nickname “knit bone” is from it’s ability to strengthen and speed healing of broken bones. Comfrey is a beautiful plant that promotes cellular regeneration. It is fabulous for your joints, bones, muscles, skin, hair, and improves short term memory! Also, it is rich in folic acid, proteins, and vitamins and minerals.

The best way to add comfrey to your life, is to drink a quart or two of comfrey infusion a week. You don’t know how to make an infusion, you say? It is really, very easy.

  • Put one ounce of DRIED plant material in a quart sized mason jar.
  • Add boiling water.
  • Cap mason jar.
  • Allow to steep for at least 4 hours-up to overnight.
  • Strain and refrigerate.
  • Drink the infusion over the course of 1-2 days (after 2 days, its shelf life is suspect).

Comfrey is rich in tannins, so it may make your mouth pucker a bit. Add a tablespoon of dried peppermint to your infuse if you wise to improve the taste.

Adding comfrey as your green ally will be sure to make a positive impact in your health and wellness.

As always, this article is for informational purposes only. Any advice given has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not meant to treat or diagnose. Consult your primary care provider.


  1. Thank you for being positive about one of the most healing herbs around! I get so irritated with the negative press that causes people to shy away from it’s amazing healing properties. I have used comfrey tea internally to overcome the damage done to my female organs from doing chemo years ago and also have used it as a poultice to heal a broken rib in record time (days!) I hope to never be without it! I have been so blessed by it. I don’t even think the wild variety would be dangerous unless one downed a few gallons or so a day, although it is higher in the alkaloids that can build up over time with very heavy use.

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