Everyone is familiar with raspberries: delicious, abundant summertime treats.  However, the leaves are more nutritious and medicinally beneficially, too! Along with being rich in vitamins and minerals (calcium, iron, phospohorus, potassium, and vitamins B, C, and E) Red Raspberry Leaf’s (RRL) active ingredient is the alkaloid fragarine. Fragarine (when combined with the rest of the plant’s constituents-NOT isolated as an extract) tones and relaxes the pelvic and uterine muscles. This property makes it a favorite among women.

Used during a woman’s moon time, RRL can calm inflammation and reduce painful menstruation.  During pregnancy, it provides nutritients and tones and strengthens the uterus. It also can curb morning sickness due to the tannins.

Not only is it great for women, but the whole family can benefit from this powerhouse herb. Because it strengthens pelvic muscles, it may help children with bed wetting issues! It is also great for colds, the flu, digestive issues, sore throats, and more!

Red Raspberry Leaf is best used as an herbal infusion. Steep an ounce in a quart of boiling water and allow to infuse overnight.  Sweeten and refrigerate!