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As a holistic business owner, you’ve probably spent thousands of hours and dollars on trainings, certifications, workshops, and retreats. You’re ready. You are skilled and knowledgeable in your field. 

Whether you’re an herbalist, a life coach, a spiritual guide, a nutritionist, or a massage therapist-there is likely one thing that everyone has in common. 

During this free training, I’m going to go over the #1 Mistake that holistic entrepreneurs make and the three reasons why. And I’m also going to help guide you towards reaching your full potential.

When I first became an herbalist, I did everything wrong. I didn’t know how to price, run a website, leverage social media, or effectively manage my email list. What I did know-was how to serve my clients and create amazing products. But that didn’t really do much good if I couldn’t RUN my business correctly. Learn from my mistakes.
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