Grow With Us

Over the course of this year, I have lamented about the direction that I want to take Wild Earth Herbals into the future. When I started my career path as an herbalist, I never thought that I would be running an herbal product company. I envisioned myself spending hours working in lush herb gardens, a kettle of tea always on, and random visitors popping by my cottage, bringing me their ailments and asking for healing remedies in return. Clearly, that path has not been realized….yet.

This summer, I joined a cooperative healing arts center and created space to facilitate workshops and meet with clients in an environment that cultivated rest and healing. There is room for gardening in the back, and it is truly an amazing space. Yet. I am still creating, mass producing, marketing, and selling products the majority of the time.

I proclaimed earlier this year that I would not continue working so hard to sell and mass produce products. I wanted to spend my energy working more directly with people-creating and holding space for them to learn, empower themselves, and heal. But, I was facing a health crisis of my own, so I fell back into the paradigm that I strove to escape-mass producing and selling products. And this is where I currently stand today.

Over the past month, I have been working towards eliminating the blockages that are preventing me from moving forward with my goal. At one point, I fantasized about selling Wild Earth Herbals all together and starting a new business from scratch-exactly the way I wanted it to be. But then quickly realized that I couldn’t abandon my loyal customers and clients like that. So, figuring out a way to continue with the company, still provide my customers/family what they need, but also honoring what I need. I need to focus on my 1:1 work, classes, workshops, plants, and so much more that doesn’t involve filling orders and stocking shelves.

The answer seemed to be pretty clear. I would need to invite others to be a part of my company. A person (or people) who believes in the plants, honors the Earth, and wants to be a part of a growing company that will make big changes in our global community.

I am opening up Wild Earth Herbals to a team of investors/partners who want to see us grow into an amazing organization that not only focuses on providing high quality herbal products to the community, but also provides education, botanical sanctuaries, and healing for people in our communities.

As an investing partner, you would have input on the workings of Wild earth Herbals during your stay as an investor, and receive a profit share or repayment on the investment plus interest (if you choose to invest as a loan vs. equity).

As of this moment, there are 10 of 11 spaces available in this esteemed position. Each position would require a minimum of $2000 investment. Your dollars will allow Wild Earth Herbals to grow beyond its current capabilities. With a full panel of investors our goals are:

  • Upgrade to a commercial kitchen
  • Create an apothecary shop within The Healing Arts Exchange for customers to purchase their own supplies for medicine making
  • Install a botanical sanctuary and medicinal herb garden for the community to enjoy
  • Operate an in-house and mobile herbalism clinic
  • Expand production of current product line by hiring a part-time production assistant
  • Provide scholarships to workshops, online courses, and more.

If this sounds amazing, but you are unable to make that level of commitment, there are smaller sponsorship levels available ranging from $250-$1500. Each level of sponsorship will receive a monthly gift and receive public recognition for their support. Click here for more information on these levels of support.

And finally, if you are still wanting to provide support on a smaller scale, I have launched a Patreon page ( Supporting levels on Patreon begin at only $1 per month! If you aren’t familiar with Patreon, it’s a platform for supporters of creators, artists, musicians, etc. to provide financial support in exchange for exclusive material. Example: classes, videos, behind the scenes, private content, etc. It is a crowd sourcing type platform that helps creators reach certain goals in their businesses in exchange for the exclusive content and gifts.

If you are interested in receiving more information about becoming a part of the investment team, please send me an email at