This year has already taught me so much.

I’ve realized that when you integrate more of the seasonal flow of nature into your life, it just organically aligns. It’s as simple as slowing down in the winter and focusing on your core wellness. It’s working with the spring to build energy and nourish your body with renewed spirit.

We are not simply observers of nature from the outside of a terrarium.


We are a part of this massive ecosystem. And when we give in and surrender to it, 
we thrive.


I have created this online program that helps you to integrate plant medicine and holistic life lessons (and with a little bit of magic, heehee) into a monthly and seasonal flow. Each month focuses on a different aspect – for example, September is all about changing the energy from hot outward action to cooling inward focus. We begin to recognize that we need to work on self care before the stress of the holiday season sneaks upon us. We will be create sacred space, learning about herbal infused oils, and burning aromatics. There is also a nutrition component that we will focus on each month, as well.

Along with this online component, we have a member community on Facebook where we go in deeper and build connections. I would love for you to join us!

How to Join!

monthly membership of only $12 per month.

This is through an automatic payment. No commitment or cancellation fee.


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Upon registration, you will have immediate access to the program which is on my Teachable platform.  You will begin in the “Getting Started” section first and then jump in to which ever month we are currently in.

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