Learn how to create your own smoke medicine without 
appropriating from other cultures.

…using herbs and trees you can find in your OWN neighborhood.

“This was such an informative course. It gave me tons of guidance.”

— Renee F., Intuitive Healer

Tending to our space can be a simple act. Burning herbs is practiced in many cultures-whether through bundled dried herbs, loose herbs, incense, or resins.

You don’t need to buy white sage or palo santo grown and harvested from parts unknown. You can create your very own smoke medicine bundles that are imbued with your intentions.

Do you want the energy of exploitation in your cleansing practice? Much in the spiritual community has been taken from other cultures, the cultural roots stripped and the activity reframed and repackaged for mass consumption. Not to mention, the Indigenous people of this country were prohibited from practicing their own religion until the 1970s.

This leads to the erasure of cultural history, is an act of domination, and leads to the overharvesting of endangered plants.

Do you want that energy all mixed up in your magick? I didn’t think so.

What’s included
This course contains a video presentation as well as a downloadable slide deck. There is also an herb bundle tutorial and FIVE plant profiles that can be downloaded.
  • The Practice of Burning Aromatics
  • Cultural Appropriation & Closed Practices
  • Other Cultural & Spiritual Practices
  • Herbs That Are Available for Everyone
  • Video Tutorial on the Sacred Practice of Bundling Herbs
  • Five Plant Profiles:
    Garden Sage
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