Nutrition and Healthy Eating Total Package

Learning how to eat in a nourishing way can be a daunting task to overcome. In the general consultations, we touch on the importance of nutrition in creating a healthy life, but here we dig deep to unlearn what we’ve been conditioned to think of as healthy and unhealthy (like fat!) and breaking through our psychological bond to food.

During our sessions we will:

  • Examine the basics of healthy eating and discover which way of eating is best for YOU
  • Learn how to create healthy meals from REAL whole food ingredients
  • How to shop on a budget
  • How to prep your food ahead of time and cook in bulk. This saves time and money in the long run!

This program will span the course of a month. We will meet 4 times.

Week 1: Cultivating. During this session, we will develop your baseline.  Day 1 will be an assessment of your current food lifestyle. We will go through your pantry and fridge and decide what stays-and what goes! Your long term health goals will determine what direction your way of eating will turn. During this time you will decide how to deal with the not so healthy foods you have in your pantry.

Week 2: Nurturing. We will create a menu and shopping list based off what we discuss.

Week 3: Nourishing. Today is shopping and food prep. We will meet at the store of your choice (or what I suggest as the optimal place to shop) and figure out the best way to save money while also buying nutritious foods. Back at your home, we will prepare as much as possible ahead of time so to save you time and money for the coming days and weeks.

Weeks 4: Harvest. This will be the time to recap your months’ work. We will go over any wins and lessons that you’ve learned and make adjustments as needed for the future. At this point we will decide if you need more guidance to ensure long term success.

Total Cost: $275. 

Home Cleansing.

During this two session program, we will go over all the products in your home and learn about non-toxic alternatives! Not only is this HEALTHIER for your body, but it is practicing good stewardship over your pocketbook as you can create most products at home for pennies on the dollar!

We will also investigate all the hidden toxins and learn the best ways to avoid them.


Medicine cabinet add on: $50.

Wild Weedy Wanderings.

Are you excited to begin working with local native opportunistic plants (weeds)? I will come to your property and help you identify beneficial plants that are making themselves known to you and your family! This program will include a weed walk, and proper preparations for basic remedies and recipes!


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