Are you dreaming of…

⁃ Working WITH nature rather than exploiting it? 

⁃ Confidently know which herbs to choose?

⁃ Feeling empowered to blend herbs with allopathic treatment protocols?

⁃ Making your own plant medicine? 

⁃ Perhaps even adding herbs knowledge to your existing holistic business? 

Then you’re ready to become your own herbalist!

Working one on one is cultivating an amazing partnership. Within this space we go on a journey together. This is a fully immersive program. Whether you are wanting to learn about herbs and living in connection with your environment, or you are creating a small business that uses holistic practices, Become Your Own Herbalist can help your achieve your vision.
Like any journey, it does not begin and end in one day. During this liminal time between the past and future, you are in the perfect place to decide on your present. 

We begin with a free 20 minute exploratory session in which we chat about what your goals are.  Each following session will consist of a video meeting and  followup independent work.

Your mentorship will be broken down into weekly personalized points of convergence, where we will build upon each week by going through specific areas of focus that we have determined during the first session… developing each aspect along the way to reach your desired outcome!  This journey is catered to you, your goals, and your own path, where we will be focusing our time on establishing the best possible plan of action.

~You will be sent weekly mentoring lessons (8 total) regarding what we covered within each week, which will cover a recap of our call along with call to actions, homework, and guided tutorials, walk throughs, practices and more that relate to what we went through that week.

~You will receive access to me and my client office hours throughout the weeks, giving you full ability to contact me via email and Facebook / IG messenger for support, questions, and feedback.

~Our weekly 1:1 mentorship calls (8 total) will be where we will work extensively through each week’s focus, setting up your personalized plan: mapping out your needs and desires, and developing a clear path to achieve your goals.  You will have planned out weekly calls to action for you to implement directly so to help you achieve your business and/or life intentions.

At the end of the 8 weeks you will be equipped with clear action steps that you will be able to integrate into your life and/or business. Through weekly accountability, you will have the confidence to apply the tools that you learned to build a lasting foundation that will extend beyond these 8 weeks.

The 8 week 1:1 mentorship is $1500 for personal mentoring & $3000 for business coaching. Payment plans are available and will be made after the free exploratory session.

I had a one-on-one consultation with Angie to talk about incorporating herbs into my self-care plan and it was life-changing! She was patient, thorough, and extremely informative. The consult went way beyond “This herb is good for this condition”. Her approach was truly holistic and took into account all of the factors contributing to my health concerns at the time. This allowed me to walk away feeling much more confident. It wasn’t rushed or anxiety inducing so I was able to take lots of notes. Left our meeting more comfortable choosing which herbs would best supplement my health goals. Not just in the moment but day-by-day. Forever grateful! – Hill T.


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