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Working one on one is cultivating an amazing partnership. Within this space we go on a journey together. This is beyond recommending this herb for that issue. This is beyond telling you to eat healthy fats. This is fully immersive healing.

Like any journey, it does not begin and end in one day. During this liminal time between the past and future, you are in the perfect place to decide on your present. 

1:1 Mentorships are 3 months long with sessions every 2 weeks. We begin with a free 30 minute exploratory session in which we chat about where you are in your healing journey and what your goals are.  Each following session will consist of a video meeting and  followup independent work. You will receive access to a shared Google Drive folder which will contain:

During our first session (after the exploratory chat) we will discuss your health history, current life experiences, as well as your environment and any other relevant information. After this 1st session, we begin creating your individual plan (this plan is not static-it is very possible that it will change as we go along).

There is one week off between each session to allow for integration and to give you time to process everything. We will be working in layers-building on the previous one. We work with nutrition, lifestyle medicine, seasonal teachings, and yes-herbs! You also receive any herbs that are recommended within the program.

At the end of the three months you will be equipped with the knowledge of how to approach your healing from a full whole self perspective. Through bi weekly accountability, you will have the confidence to apply the tools that you learned to build lasting habits that will extend past the 3 month mentorship.

The three month 1:1 mentorship is $240/mo or $720 paid in full. Payment arrangements will be made after the free session.


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