A good friend of mine suggested that in conjunction with my own impending pregnancy, I should do a blog series on how to be as healthy and natural as possible during pregnancy.

As an herbalist and a doula, I am constantly answering questions on herbal or natural remedies for common pregnancy complaints and issues. While sometimes the answer is as easy as “eat more protein” or “don’t take tulsi while pregnant”, sometimes, it requires a little more in depth discussion.

I firmly believe that as a community, we are charged with helping one another through our issues. And that is what this is about. Hopefully, through my journey, others will have questions answered and a source of information to go to.

Those of you who know me personally may remember that my last pregnancy was dreadful. I gained a lot of weight, was in pain through most of my pregnancy, had blood pressure and blood sugar scares, and ended with a cesarean section due to placenta previa. While diet and herbs could do NOTHING to change the fact that I NEEDED a c-section, it very well could have prevented a lot of other issues I faced. I normally eat very well, but I fell off the wagon HARD during my last pregnancy.

This time around (which is more than likely my last) I am determined to be the healthiest I can and to avoid resorting to or needing medical interventions.

This series will include recipes on how to make your own pregnancy teas (or links to buy them *wink wink*), herbal tips on how to deal with common complaints (nausea, heartburn, hemorrhoids, etc) and also optimal nutrition so you can be nourished and grow a beautiful baby.

So, whether you are already pregnant, thinking about becoming pregnant, know someone who is pregnant, a birth worker, or just like learning things, welcome!