As we awaken from our winter season’s slumber, many of us think of ways to coax our bodies back into health. As if the cold and dark is the time we wane from self care. Some people believe that cleanses and detoxes are integral to igniting the fire within-that we are damaged and need to be fixed. But I do not believe in this form of wellness and care.

Like the plants retreat inward during the winter, as do we. Plants do not detox themselves as they begin anew. They simple ARE. They pull in the nutrients and energy from the earth and sun. They soak in the rains and flourish. We need to take lessons from plants. Follow nature and she will not guide you wrong.

Below are some simple steps to awaken your inner fire this spring.

  • BE gentle with yourself. Do not punish yourself with detoxes and cleanses because you believe you have treated your body poorly. Forgive yourself.
  • Spend time outdoors. Begin to work your garden. Don’t have a garden? Pot some plants for your porch, stoop, or balcony. Get dirty. Get dirty. Get dirty.
  • Listen to the wild plants in your yard. The new spring greens that pop up are full of nourishment. Sorrel, dandelion, henbit, violet, nettle. A wild salad or soup will fill your belly and your soul.
  • Drink herbal infusions. Herbal infusions are bursting with nutrients and allow for optimal wellness. Susun Weed has a free course on them at
  • Move. If you’ve been hibernating all winter, getting your body moving with gentle yoga or walks outside will loosen up those stiff joints and fire up your metabolism.
  • Commune. Join up with your brothers and sisters. Find groups of like-minded people to share space with. In person. Virtual community is amazing, but humans are not solitary creatures. We are pack animals. And our society has isolated us from our tribes. Find your people.

If you are looking for more one on one guidance in nurturing yourself, please reach out! I have created a variety of program to align with the needs of anyone who is searching for assistance. Follow the link for more information! Be well.