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All of our tinctures are created with 100 proof organic alcohol and herbs that are organic, organically grown, or wild harvested. We use a cold-process percolation for 6+weeks to ensure maximum potency.
Herbs are extracted at a 1:5 ratio for dried herbs and a 1:1 ratio for fresh.
Herbal vinegars are created with organic Apple Cider Vinegar and are similarly extracted.


  1. Today I have tried to remain calm and sip my wonderful herbal tea that I got when the store is open. I find keeping myself calm in stressful situations, is the most nourishing thing I can do for myself.

  2. I am taking a lesson from this question, and will be brewing some tea. I will take a few minutes to be calm after my stressful morning!

  3. Pamela Signor

    April 8, 2014 at 9:15 pm

    I took a few minutes before the kids got up to take a shower in the peace and quiet with some lemon eo diffusing in the bathroom. Mommy needed her 15 minutes of alone time! =)

  4. Me nourish myself? I drink a cup of calming tea every evening and focus on what I could have done better as a mother

  5. I nourish myself by spending time with my family.

  6. Long bath with some baking soda and lavender EO 🙂

  7. Fantastic! And you’ve taught me the term “herbalista.” I just blogged about purslane, including a recipe. Enjoy the abundance!

  8. Wow. I grew up weeding and composting tons of purslane. We NEVER thought to eat it! Here’s a good technique to dry your lovely herbs.

    • Interesting. I don’t actually own a microwave, though! What I do, is place my herbs on an old window screen in the trunk space of my station wagon on a sunny day. Dries them right out!

  9. It’s funny you post this today! Today I have eaten the worst of all this pregnancy (donuts, cough cough). I was beating myself up for it and decided to grab my big ole glass of water and plan for a healthy dinner. I’ve been diagnosed with gestational diabetes (by 1 point) and was surprised by the low meter number when I tested. It was higher than normal but almost within range. I have gained 12 pounds the entire pregnancy and really hoping to keep it steady in these last 7 weeks.

  10. Looks like a great tea recipe. I will pass this on to my friends. T

  11. Love the giveaway!

  12. sounds like a very useful kit!

  13. Thanks for sharing.

    I’m trying to find out more about the health benefits of various teas and herbal infusions.

    I checked your links but the information is mostly about how to make the infusions. Is there a good source of information on health benefits you could recommend?

    • Keiran,

      Yes! If you click on the link to the free e-course I mentioned above, Susun Weed you will learn all about the hows and whys of herbal infusions. Here is a summary of lessons:
      Summary of Lessons:

      Lesson 1: Understand the difference between teas and infusions and why infusions are superior in their medicinal qualities. Step by step instructions on how to make nourishing herbal infusions and medicinal value of nourishing herbs.

      Lesson 2: Learn about various life-style choices that you can easily incorporate into your routine to increase your overall health and vitality.

      Lesson 3: Build a cooperative relationship with the plants you use. Study the difference between nourishing, tonifying, sedating/stimulating and toxic herbs.

      Lesson 4: Enjoy health and longevity with wise nutritional choices and regular use of nourishing herbal infusions and vinegars.

      – See more at: http://www.herbalmedicinehealing.com/store/item_view.php?id=1000456#sthash.nGy4LJnr.dpuf

  14. Excellent post. I absolutely love this site. Stick with

  15. Good information. Lucky me I discovered your website by accident (stumbleupon).
    I have book-marked it for later!

  16. Thank you for being positive about one of the most healing herbs around! I get so irritated with the negative press that causes people to shy away from it’s amazing healing properties. I have used comfrey tea internally to overcome the damage done to my female organs from doing chemo years ago and also have used it as a poultice to heal a broken rib in record time (days!) I hope to never be without it! I have been so blessed by it. I don’t even think the wild variety would be dangerous unless one downed a few gallons or so a day, although it is higher in the alkaloids that can build up over time with very heavy use.

  17. Dandelion leaf is good source of calcium that’s mineral for growth 🙂

  18. Would like to pick up some kava Angie. Do you have any? Really miss seeing you and your herbal farmacy at Herb and renewal.
    ♡ Elaine

  19. felicia beers

    April 9, 2015 at 6:20 pm

    Thanks for the recipe, I have all of these ingredients on hand and will be trying this!

  20. Sounds like a must for summer!

  21. Awesome post! I’ve been wanting to try this forever. 🙂

  22. Rachel Pierce

    April 9, 2015 at 6:27 pm

    Definitely need to make this. Thanks for the recipe!

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