It’s pretty typical that as the calendar year turns a page, I would write about renewal. We can’t NOT think about change, goals, and starting anew during this time.

Personally, I do not create resolutions. They are rarely sustainable or achieved. I also don’t set goals or benchmarks. They tend to be quantifiable which means there is an endpoint.  I set intentions. Intentions are long-lasting ideals of how you want your life to manifest.  A few of my intentions are:

  • having a home and business management system in place to hold space for calm, creativity, and organization;
  • building a sustainable garden to provide nourishing foods for my family;
  • creating the opportunities to be able to travel and vacation; and
  • reflecting what I teach by maintaining optimal health.

The fourth intention is what I am speaking on today. Here are my current challenges: emotional eating, stress eating, and the use of stimulants-well, one stimulant. Coffee. I LOVE coffee. Like, irrationally. I make 3 French Presses a day which translates to about 6-9 cups of coffee. THIS IS NOT HEALTHY. How can I talk to my clients and customers about taking care of their bodies by reducing stress and stimulants when I don’t? How can I give lectures on fatigue and adrenal health when I don’t ensure that I’m doing everything *I* can to model it?

The negative effects of regular use of coffee are pretty well known-I am mainly concerned about the addiction aspect and the contribution to chronic fatigue.

I won’t call this a resolution to quit coffee. I won’t make a goal to be caffeine free by XX date. I will say that my intention is to manifest a healthy body by only using nourishing foods and herbs daily, and only using stimulating and sedating herbs and foods when indicated. Am I there yet? No. I have a cup of coffee sitting right next to me. But, I do have a game plan.

  • I am creating a nourishing blend of herbs that I can replace my early morning warm beverage with.
  • I will drink my nourishing herbal infusions daily.
  • I will get at least 7 hours of restful sleep a night.
  • I will be gentle with myself when I find myself with a dirty chai in hand from the local coffee shop.

All in all, I’m excited to go on this journey. If you are needing some guidance for any various health related or life related issues, I would love to talk! I am doing free 10 minute consults right now. If you feel that you need something more in depth, we can schedule a longer  intuitive plant medicine consultation. Even though I face my own struggles, I would honored to help guide you through yours.