Roots & Shoots



Roots & Shoots Junior Herbalist Camp is perfect for your children who are also playing outdoors, making ‘potions’ and teas out of weeds and flowers, or are interested in learning about herbs and homemade medicine!
In this 5 day mini camp, your Jr. Herbalist will:
~learn how to identify a few common backyard beneficial weeds,
~learn how to blend their own teas, make salves, tinctures, and more!
~incorporate herbs into simple recipes, and
~learn the basics for caring for plants.
Each child will go home with their own medicine kit that they’ve created themselves, a plant to grow, and a small selection of seeds to start their own herb garden.
Snacks will be provided.
A full list of required materials will be provided upon registration (don’t worry, you’ll likely have everything at home already!)
Cost: $100. $80 before June 1. Sibling discounts are available!
June 11-15 (ages 3-6)
June 18-22 (ages 7+)
If there is interest, we can also do a more comprehensive camp for teens the following week. Message for more information!


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