The Healing Sessions

I know that a huge block in reaching your health goals, breaking down your issues, is knowing where to start. I love 1:1 consultations for this reason because we can really get in deep and examine exactly what we have going on. But, I know that for a lot of folks it is cost prohibitive. And, a one time session typically isn’t going to go anywhere because you need ongoing support. Unfortunately, a monthly or even bimonthly consultation can really add up fast. To solve this issue, I have created the the Healing Sessions. These are biweekly group consultations-creating intimate containers to not only give you your own personalized consultation (we will have 1:1 time) but also gives you the support of your peers. The benefit of The Healing Sessions is that you aren’t paying for monthly 1:1 consultations but you will receive the same benefit-as well as create a smaller intimate community that can support each other. If you are interested in more information, send me an email at angelina@wildearthherbals.com to let me know you are interested so I can add you to the list! The Healing Sessions will be very limited in space and I will likely just have 1-2 groups to start.

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