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The Herbal Hearth & Home

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This year has already taught me so much. I’ve realized that when you integrate more of the seasonal flow of nature into your life, it just organically aligns. It’s as simple as slowing down in the winter and focusing on your core wellness. It’s working with the spring to build energy and nourish your body with renewed spirit.

We are not simply observers of nature from the outside of a terrarium because WE ARE NATURE. And we are also a part of this massive ecosystem. When we give in and surrender to it, we thrive.

image of a farm house with flowers and text reading The Herbal Hearth and Home with Wild Earth Herbals by Angelina Shuman

The Herbal Hearth & Home helps people who are overwhelmed with learning about holistic living work with herbs, nourishing foods, and the cycles of the seasons in a tight-knit interactive membership community so they can live a life connected to the natural rhythms of the earth to create optimal vitality and health in their lives and for their families without stress and confusion.

In addition to learning about 60 or so beneficial plants and fungi, you will discover:

  • The energy of the month and season (including the 8 Sabbats on the Wheel of the Year)
  • How to prepare medicines and create your own formulas
  • Lifestyle medicine – practices to deeper your connection with the plants and yourself
  • Nutrition and food medicine

Each student will also receive a digital copy of the first volume of Yarrow & Rose, a collaborative ‘zine which will debut mid-late October.

Along with this online component, we have a member community on Facebook where we go in deeper and build connections. I would love for you to join us!

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