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The Nourished Mama

One of the most important things a pregnant woman can do to ensure that she remains healthy during pregnancy is eat properly. My previous pregnancies were full of convenience foods and constant indulgences. Now, it’s not to say that you have to beat yourself up if you treat yourself to some ice cream or mac n’ cheese every once in a while. But, when we are faced with issues like Gestational Diabetes and Pre-eclampsia, it really is up to us to make sure we do everything we can to avoid them. This is not just for the health of our babies, but for our own health, as well.

Like I said, I didn’t really focus on my eating habits during previous pregnancy. I’ve been an off and on healthy eater for a good fifteen years. But those off years really took a toll on my health. My thyroid was shot and I’ve steadily gained weight-I’m at my ideal late term pregnancy weight right now at 4 weeks pregnant. NOT good.

My goal is to only gain a net of 10-15 pounds this pregnancy. The thought is that if I lose unhealthy weight while I’m gaining healthy weight for the baby, it should even out in the end.

HOW in the world can I do that, you ask? Well, through research and advice of a friend who went through the same thing, it really isn’t going to be that difficult (talk to me in 6 months!). If I focus on lots of protein, healthy fats, cooked greens, fermented foods, and fresh fruits and veggies, I should shed off those bread and beer pounds I’ve accumulated over the last 15 years.  I will be eliminating most grains (bread, rice, pasta, corn, etc), juices, refined sugar, and a good bit of dairy (except some cheese, homemade yogurt, and raw local milk).

I have a huge sweet tooth. I love chocolate, ice cream, cookies, cakes-you name it. I have heard that eating protein when you have a sweet craving will help, but sometimes, I HAVE to have chocolate (YOU know what I mean). For those instances, i have an emergency bar of 85% dark chocolate. Just one little square is all I need to quiet those urges. AND, dark chocolate is good for you, right? Right.

Here is an example of a good protein filled breakfast: left over pork chop, 3 scrambled eggs, 1/2 an avocado (healthy fat!), and a blob of homemade homegrown salsa.


Next week, I will post an example meal plan. I find that I work so much better when I have a guide. Not only is it easier to go shopping, but there is no staring at the fridge wondering what in the world I am going to eat today.



  1. It’s funny you post this today! Today I have eaten the worst of all this pregnancy (donuts, cough cough). I was beating myself up for it and decided to grab my big ole glass of water and plan for a healthy dinner. I’ve been diagnosed with gestational diabetes (by 1 point) and was surprised by the low meter number when I tested. It was higher than normal but almost within range. I have gained 12 pounds the entire pregnancy and really hoping to keep it steady in these last 7 weeks.

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